tell your cat I said “psssst”

I am really digging the pet portraits, especially when I know how much a friend loved their little furry Murray. This is Sam. Sam was a hairy beast and I love that for him. I also love that for the extra textures I could try out on this rug hooking. The base is monks clothContinue reading “tell your cat I said “psssst””

Sometimes, it’s a long process

I started this painting about 2 years ago and just don’t get into my studio too often for many reasons including chronic pain, it’s super cold/hot in there, and there’s too much on my mind to commit the time. But when I do I truly love the process. When I get some capital to spend,Continue reading “Sometimes, it’s a long process”

DIY tutorial: COVID protective barriers

  Brian and I made two light-weight plexiglass barrier shields for COVID-safe Girl Scout cookie booths! They cost about $30 each in materials at this size.  The idea is that they are freestanding but they can also be clamped to the table for wind. They are 28×30 plexi with a 3” opening to slide theirContinue reading “DIY tutorial: COVID protective barriers”

Tutorial: Stick & Paper Bow and Arrow Craft for Kids

Easy Supply List & FUN Stick and Paper Bows and Arrows for Kids I recently started volunteering as a leader for Girl Scouts of Maine and I have the best group of Daisy girls! It’s been really fun to hear about what they want to learn & discover in their girl-led adventure! I thought thisContinue reading “Tutorial: Stick & Paper Bow and Arrow Craft for Kids”

Getting Through Working Through

 I like to think that paintings don’t have to be done when you think they’re done (and certainly not when you want them to be done). This painting started last summer and I thought that it ended last summer but when I took it out recently, I knew it needed more. …Going back to lastContinue reading “Getting Through Working Through”

Working Through -Artist Statement

Working Through  |  Jamie Ribisi-Braley Solo Exhibit Monkitree | April 4 – June 7, 2014 In my studio there are always at least two paintings going at the same time as well as some small oil sketches on paper or tiny canvases. I’ve never really liked to sketch- preferring, instead, to let the immediacy andContinue reading “Working Through -Artist Statement”

Lightning Stage

Stage 6: Lightning Phase Really liking the lines in the previous stage, I decided to focus on that section. Boy, was that torturous. I didn’t have the right motivation to even be in the studio and my head just wasn’t working but I kept painting and rubbed the oil sticks all over that damn canvas.Continue reading “Lightning Stage”