tell your cat I said “psssst”


I am really digging the pet portraits, especially when I know how much a friend loved their little furry Murray. This is Sam. Sam was a hairy beast and I love that for him. I also love that for the extra textures I could try out on this rug hooking.

The base is monks cloth rug hooked with wool fabric worms and yarn. When he first started out, I was convinced I was making a chipmunk. My mantra was “trust the process” the whole way through.

Then I was ready to whip stitch the edges with this beautiful yarn from Hound & Hound Farm in Winthrop, ME.

But I wanted to add the texture of this hairy hairy cat so that it really looked like Sam. First I added some whisker holeswith some French knots (I don’t know either of those terms but I’m assuming those are the words) then I used the frayed leftover bits of monks cloth from my edges (reuse EVERYTHING) to tie in some loose whiskers! Man, this cat had the best whiskers!!!

I bet they tickled mommy real good

Finally, I needle felted loose washed wool on to the ears and trimmed them to his hairy ear perfection.

Stabbing does not feel good so I pretended I was petting him.

I love using so many skills and textures in one small piece. It makes me feel pretty whole in what I’ve learned and I know that his mommy loves fiber and would appreciate the effort.

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