Sometimes, it’s a long process

I started this painting about 2 years ago and just don’t get into my studio too often for many reasons including chronic pain, it’s super cold/hot in there, and there’s too much on my mind to commit the time. But when I do I truly love the process. When I get some capital to spend, I’ll renovate the studio space and make it a year-round useable space but right now… yeah.

Anyway, I really loved how this painting was going and I take photos at the end of my studio sessions so that I can look at the painting and critique it outside of said cold/hot space. So in the year since I worked on this, I just KNEW I had to straighten some lines out! So my latest session was painting over the shadowed areas of the porch and draw in some better line guides to use going forward. Also added to the left window and siding to bring those areas to better completion. Still working hard on it…when I feel like it.

My little buddy, Sammy, is always in the studio with me.

I rarely ever used photo references for paintings and actually thought pretty badly of that process. But now I understand it fully and utilize it often. I like capturing moments in time, just how light moves through a composition at a certain time. You were lucky to be there to experience it. And, as you’ve read, I don’t paint that quickly. So I’ve been relying on my photography as the reference step, and then really standing at the scene in the moment and thinking about it as a painting. Painting it as fast as I wish I could in my brain. But that’s only for me to see, so I need the photograph to help me remember the details when I’m in the studio. I don’t sketch that often, either, but this particular piece I drew out quite a few times to get the feeling of the movement of those shadows. Like there’s characters in the scene.

on the palette table
on the butchers rack table

And I moved the piece to several different surfaces to work on it and get straighter lines, better light, etc. This last pic I really loved how the actual shadows in the studio cast onto the shadows in the painting. It’s the little things.

Not great lighting in this photo but my reference for critiquing for the next studio session. There are graphite lines that are going to help me straighten out that door and those posts. I think it’s on the right path and that feels like a good point to end and to start.

I wish I was a daily painter, but there’s a lot to be juggled.

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