Getting Through Working Through

 I like to think that paintings don’t have to be done when you think they’re done (and certainly not when you want them to be done). This painting started last summer and I thought that it ended last summer but when I took it out recently, I knew it needed more.

…Going back to last summer, I started painting this at home and gave the underpainting some bright yellows and lots of graphite drawing. It went along with me to a 3-day art show with my friends where we were all working on pieces in progress throughout the long weekend.

At the point above, I felt like it was done. But it was nagging at me that it really wasn’t finished. My friends kept telling me it was done, STOP. But I wasn’t sure. I decided that I should let it dry and then decide, took it home and, a few days later, thought. Yep, that’s good enough. Damn it, I should never think good enough is good enough. But it kept getting nice reactions from people, especially other artists, and I thought it might be ok. But when I took it out again to prep for the “Working Through” exhibit, I just couldn’t leave it. I finally saw what I wanted to do to it and that was to simplify the colors and layer the drawing more.

“Getting Through”, Oil and Graphite on board, 18″ x 18″

So I took some more paint and some more scraping and graphite to it and I’m happy I did. The new tones of blue, the less black area, and a different use of the yellow. The yellow is still there and, even though it’s just peeking through, I think it has more impact in its subtlety.

And who knows– maybe if it sticks around I’ll paint it again. Only time will tell!

Come see my first solo exhibit Working Through at Monkitree, 263 Water St, Gardiner, Maine
Opening Reception: Friday, April 4, 2014  5:30-9pm
Exhibit runs April 4 – June 7, 2014
Facebook Event page here

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