Back to what I know with some new toys

in progress

another in progress

Working in the studio again and the weather has been so nice that I’m able to open the windows and bust out the oil paint! This is making me immensely happy! I haven’t used my oil paint for quite some time and have really been feeling the need to use them again. I’ve been using casein and some acrylic for the better part of 2 years now. I really love working with casein but wanted the luminosity and thickness of oil for the ideas I’m trying to work through. But I’m not abandoning casein, by any means. In fact, both of these painting have a casein underpainting. Technically, the green one has a casein underpainting and the gray one is an oil painting over a half finished casein painting that wasn’t quite making the grade. But I used it as an underpainting of sorts.

new toys: old Grumbacher oil paint,
giant tubes of Sennelier,
and Shiva Paintstiks

The mark/drawing are made using Shiva Paintstiks, which are pigment compacted into a stick form with a minimal amount of linseed oil and wax.

I had been taking a break from the studio after a long productive time working on the CSA project. I needed to redirect my mind and figure out what’s next. When I go through this process, I usually think back to things I know and how I studied art … figure drawings, self portraits, still lives … but I didn’t necessarily want to take that route. So, instead, I thought OIL! Digging through my oil supplies, I found some really old tubes of Grumbacher paint that were given to me; the colors are not my typical color palette (there were mostly Thalo greens and blues) so I thought it would be the perfect way to open up and try something new. As you can see in the green painting above, I had fun using them and think I’ll definitely add them into the normal rotation.

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