Cover Crop

Cover Crop, Woven Photo Transfers on Cloth with Embroidery, 23″ x 11″
As I wrote about in my first post about the CSA project, Kim and I have been looking for a way to make a woven item that included our photographs.  We experimented with some ideas and even made a complete weaving only to take it apart because it didn’t have the feeling that we wanted.  Originally, we thought we would make two separate pieces and show them side-by-side.  But we didn’t have one collaborative piece to exhibit for this show and then realized we should combine our two ideas into one collaborative piece.  Literally weaving our ideas and experiences together. 

This piece started by transferring our photographs of the farm onto wide strips of fabric that we picked up at Goodwill.  Kim did some beautiful embroidery on her fabric strips which became the weft.  For my transfers, I wanted to focus on the amazing textures that I was seeing on the farm.  This included weathered wood shingles on the barn, hay in the field, and worn wooden siding on the cottages. These primarily became the warp but also filled in between Kim’s pieces as the weft.

To finish it off, we sewed it onto a backing fabric and made sure that the last few rows were just of the hay field.  It sort of speaks to how everything on the farm grows out of or feeds off of the fields.

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