Domes and angles

I went back to the farm on the 4th to see the progress of the clay pizza oven…it’s coming right along!! Fully modeled and the opening has been carved out with some wooden supports to keep the shape while it completely dries.  It looks as though they’ve lit a few small fires in it to dry the inside at the same rate as the outside.  I can almost taste the pizza!!

Pizza Oven I, Acrylic & Ink on Instant Film, 3×3″
I’ve found myself becoming very fond of the architecture on the farm and this new structure was no exception.  Already finding its way into my work and a way to document this exciting new addition to the farm which will tie them even closer into their community (Pizza Party!!).  
Apex, Acrylic & Ink on Instant Film, 3×3″

Continued with another painted instant film image of the barn.  After a great artist’s meeting at the Harlow tonight, I’ve been inspired to attempt some larger versions of these pieces.  I love the intimate size of these current ones but think it would be nice to work in a slightly larger size, as well.


Also wanted to share these images of some of the meat I’ve been enjoying from Wholesome Holmstead.  I picked up a package of kabob meat and we had more than enough for 4 people.  SO tasty!!  We put onions and red peppers on for 3 of us and, for mine, I put granny smith apples and broccoli.  YUM!!

We’ve been barbecueing every night with meat and chicken from the farm (and the bacon…OH THE BACON!!)

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