A new venture

…almost done…

Because I can’t stay only on one project and because I can’t help but learn new things… I started learning how to make rag rugs!  Inspired by the weaving of an artist I am mentoring- she showed me how to weave on a loom and I was so taken with it!  I’m working on getting a table top loom but in the meantime, I needed to learn how to weave something fast.  

I’ve always been drawn to rag rugs and decided to research how they were made.  Some google searching and youtube watching later, I found out that I could make my own rug frame. Since I’m a painter, I have a ton of canvas stretcher bars hanging around the studio and they work perfectly! On the shorter sides, I put some nails in one inch apart and then strung some dyed cotton yarn as the warp.  

The piece above is bathmat sized and a good starter project.  I’m going to go bigger and tighter on my next rug and I think I’ve found a great new hobby!  (I’ll post a tutorial soon!)
a view of the warp before I started weaving

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