More Nature, More Squares

Nature Squares, 6″ x 6″ each, Encaustic & Photo Transfer

Loving the simplicity of high contrast photo transfers on a bed of wax! I have a total of 15 squares and 4 rectangles. The counting of which led me to wonder the amount of paintings that I made in 2010. Well, folks, I completed 36 paintings! (plus a few that I’m still on the fence about being finished) That’s definitely a record for me.

And thinking back to my days in college, especially my senior year, I had a battle with making any paintings. But having inspiration all around you really changes the game. I went to college in Boston and being in a city inspired my drawings and my photography, which I wound up being prolific in those years. But paintings? Yeah, I didn’t do much. I did spend my senior year really studying color and mixing oil paint like crazy on my palette. But that doesn’t make for finished pieces. I do think that it helped me in my profession, for sure. I’m happy to have spent the time focused on that (although I know my professor thought otherwise).
Anyway… Living in Maine, being surrounded by nature, having a studio space… it keeps me inspired! Looking forward to what the new year brings.

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