Teeny Tiny Paintings…

The art opening was a huge success! What a beautiful show filled with wonderful people and glorious artwork. It was very inspiring to see so much tiny art! I even purchased a teeny tiny acrylic portrait on wood of a lumberjack 🙂 There were actually two shows, both in Portsmouth, NH. Mine was at Three Graces Gallery and was the Teeny Tiny Art Show and down the street at Nahcotta was the Enormous Tiny Art Show. I saw many friend’s work at both shows and that was so exciting for me!

Three Graces now has my encaustic paintings from this exhibit for sale on their website— you can see my new series “Speaking in Tongues” there– first place they have been on sale! And one of my favorite new pieces “They Were Standing in the Shadows (Watching) #1”.

2 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Paintings…

  1. these are really cool jamie. i especially like the top one with the ghostly white and the melted array of color inside the figure. congrats on the show and i wish i could have visited both of those! happy friday…beth


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