Encaustic workshop results…

I am so impressed with the work that was produced at my Intro to Encaustic Painting workshop! The women came with such great enthusiasm and excelled SO fast!! They each made 3-4 paintings that were astonishingly beautiful. Each armed with a box full of mixed media supplies and stories behind all of their materials, it was really breathtaking for me to watch them create.

These first two are by Leslie Goode, who comes from a background of fiber arts. She brought with her natural elements such as birch bark, leaves, chinese lanterns, and rocks. The square painting started with a layer of orange encaustic which she then covered with her handmade paper. Once she fused it on with the tacking iron, the orange came through in the thinner spots of the paper creating a very beautiful textured painting.
Ronnie Decker is a mixed media artist and public school art

teacher who wanted to learn encaustic for a long time. She was so enthusiastic and came to the class toting horse hair, plastic onion bags, and feathers, amongst many other great items. She was a natural at letting the medium take over and seeing where it wanted to lead her to.
I have more photos of the rest of the class which I will blog about again…I really hope to see these ladies again in my intermediate class to see what other wonders they will create!!
The very best part of teaching is watching another artist move through the process. Seeing what they bring to the table and why; the stories behind the work and the end results. It makes me very proud to have the opportunity to work with them!!

5 thoughts on “Encaustic workshop results…

  1. OMG!!!!!!! These are fabulous! is this the first time they have worked with Ecaustic?? i just can't believe it!!FABULOUS! But of course thy have a great teacher!!xoxox


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