Ghost hunter…

Animated gif of the progress of my latest painting.  It’s still in progress, just one more day working on it and I think it’ll be done.  I really like seeing how this one has moved along!  I kept changing my mind about what colors I wanted it to be and put this painting aside for a while.  Then I decided to turn Abe into a rooted being and it all started to come together.

12 thoughts on “Ghost hunter…

  1. Thank you everyone! Sometimes I feel like the progression of a painting is the best part of it. Especially when it's had so many lives like this one has!Martha- I completely agree! That's exactly how I think of him and it just came together perfectly!


  2. Jaime I love your work, especially how your transform the photo transfers into your encaustic pieces. You style has really influenced me. thank you for sharing your process.


  3. the roots are a great addition to abe and the switching picture is super cool….i love your focus on imagery ( i have been giving lots of thought to that subject since montserrat).


  4. Thanks! I love having the one constant and tend to focus on some connecting point in every body of work that I do. It helps to know that there's one thing that I can depend on 🙂 After this, I'm switching it up to a non-square format **gasp!** but keeping the figures & only having one at a time. Hopefully I'll get to that very soon and have a picture to show! It's all in my brain & I've got to get it out 🙂


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