Craft Fair & friends

Yesterday was the Etsy Maine Team craft fair in Freeport, ME. It was SO much fun to put more faces to names and meet people like Pam that I’ve known online for about a year and a half! LOVE when that happens.

The quality of the work at this show far surpassed any other show that I’ve done. No “granny” items, no $1 store finds or prices, it was quality all the way with fair prices for everything. I was impressed and honored to be a part of it!

I even had some interest in my encaustic classes, which is the best part for me! I love explaining the process to people and seeing their eyes light up and have them ask if they can learn it 🙂

Anyway- for more Maine Team info look here!
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4 thoughts on “Craft Fair & friends

  1. congrats jamie!( i wish you all the best and many full classes). i would have liked to be there for the full moon drumming circle (maybe one day when the dust settles). cheers,beth


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