Groovy colors- what should I name this?

This is my newest color line but I’m stumped as to a name for it! I keep thinking of Reese’s Pieces but I know that there’s just a bit of copyright issue there 🙂

Any ideas?

If I pick your title I’ll give you 20% off any item in my shop!

21 thoughts on “Groovy colors- what should I name this?

  1. Those colors remind me of something but I just can’t think of what it is…I will have to get back to you. Sun Dancers is kind of a cool name for those colors…I don’t know if that’s too far fetched, though…


  2. Sara– Thank you! I’ll definitely let you know when classes start. I’m going to be teaching many encaustic classes– I can’t wait!!Great suggestions so far– keep them coming!-Jamie


  3. I suggest “Down to Earth” :-)~MelaniePS: saw your contest on Twitter – just in case you’re wondering were everyone came from. Have you posted it in VAST?


  4. Maybe I should name it “Ribisi’s Pieces” —hahaha I crack myself up!So far I’m really digging “Autumn Spice” and “Down To Earth” but I’m still mulling them all over in my head!


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