Funny tea leaves

“The Amount of Tea I Drink in a Week, mixed version”
Encaustic and Vanilla Chai Spice Tea on cradled birch

10″ x 10″
March 2009
I created this slightly larger version of my tea painting series for an exhibit at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, ME titled “Off the Wall: Humor in Art.”  The opening was last night and plenty of food was had by all!  
I’ve been working on a bunch of other paintings at once– my mind is slightly distracted by Spring rolling in but I’m getting it in gear.  I have a bunch of work that I’m looking forward to finishing and alot of wax to make!  I’m also revamping my website– can’t wait to finish that project!

2 thoughts on “Funny tea leaves

  1. hi jamie-this piece is great and i really like the little bit larger size (i’ve been doing lots of 8×8 and 10×10 lately). spring would be much less distracting if it could just get it’s act together and show up,,,it’s confusing me!


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