Introductory Sale – PDF Tutorial- Making oil paint by hand

To celebrate the release of my new oil paint making tutorial— I’m putting it on sale for a limited time for $2 — you can’t beat that with a stick (unless you are cruel).  

Ever wonder what goes into making a tube of oil paint? Then this tutorial is for you! Learn how to make your own oil paint from scratch! Read about the different properties of various oils and what would work best for you as an artist. Making your own paint can save hundreds of dollars a year on supplies and is a technique that is much easier than you think! 

This 6 page PDF tutorial is easy to read and filled
 with clear photos of each step in this process.

 Includes a complete list of materials, step by step instructions, and a list of supply resources with tons of money saving suggestions!

Normally priced at the already low price of $3.50, you just can’t go wrong with this deal.  On sale until midnight EST March 25, 2009.

What are you waiting for?  Buy it already and quench your curiousity!

PDF will be emailed to you right away-  buy it at or right here: 

4 thoughts on “Introductory Sale – PDF Tutorial- Making oil paint by hand

  1. Thank you!! It was a little touch & go taking photos while mixing paint but I managed somehow! Thank goodness for tripods :)Maybe once you get into your new digs you can take up this fun habit 🙂


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