A wonderful day!

I was surprised to find myself in an Etsy Finds email and Storque article today entitled “Yours And Yours Alone”!  Not only was it nice to get recognition in such a well put together art grouping but I received over 65 shop “hearts”, tons of item hearts (including over 53 on this painting), a bunch of sales, and a couple of great emails from people!  It was such a great day!!

I’m so excited because I’ve also decided to take out a spot in a print ad for my encaustic supplies through Indiepublic that will go in the May issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.  I’ve never done a print ad before but this seemed like such a great fit for such a wonderful magazine.  I can hardly wait until May!  

6 thoughts on “A wonderful day!

  1. oh-happy day! jamie this is all good…congratulation on the unexpected publicity. I think the print add is a great idea (it truly is a perfect fit). I wish you much more well deserved success in the coming months.beth


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