Maine Team ACEO Challenge

The wonderful Etsy Maine Team is having an ACEO team challenge.  The idea was to make an ACEO with a Maine theme that was also recycled/upcycled.  I made these three while at Jes‘ craft brunch on Sunday.  They are all made on top of recycled cereal and cell phone boxes courtesy of my hubby, and the collaged images are all from Country Living magazines that were in desperate need of being recycled.  Here’s the skinny on them:

-“Friggin’ Fiddleheads” This one was made with Kellie in mind since she loves to say “friggin'”.  This one features a beautiful image of a yummy fiddlehead on top of some other local greens.
-“Sabbathday Lake Shakers” My official entry to the challenge– Made in honor of my favorite group of people and the only remaining active Shaker Village in the world, Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester, Maine.  Among their many beautiful beliefs is the thought that everything must be made with as much skill, love, and piety as possible- even a chair for they thought that an angel might come and sit on it.
-“Silliness in the backyard” OK, this one was done as a joke and Susan’s daughter Nell thought it was hilarious and prompted me to glue it down for real.  Featuring the many faces of Maine: Lobsters, wild turkey, roses, and ferns 🙂

6 thoughts on “Maine Team ACEO Challenge

  1. ‘Friggin fiddleheads’ is a common saying when you are out in the marshy puckerbrush with burdocks stuck all over your pants, black flies stopping in for a drink, looking for those yummy little devils….FRIGGIN’ FIDDLEHEADS!! I love it, Jamie!


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