Abe and Me- Progress

Abe and Me
Originally uploaded by Jamie Ribisi-Braley

A progress photo of a new encaustic painting I started today. Part of my “Ghosts of the Past” series, this one features a great civil war image of Abe Lincoln visiting a camp.

This is my largest encaustic painting yet and I wanted to show the scale so I took this cheese-ball pic of me holding it 🙂 This is just the first layer of paint and I’ve since added another– this one’s going to take a little bit longer than the rest! Fusing the layers is an arm aching experience but I still really enjoy it!

The top of the painting has a pink sky and the bottom, so far is a greyish green. I’m thinking of using alot of grey on top of the underpainting but I’ll just have to see how things go! I love not having a plan and going with the flow- so to speak!

3 thoughts on “Abe and Me- Progress

  1. I know! I found out that if I put it on the floor and lay down next to it I can support my arm on my body and it doesn’t hurt as much! hahah– Then I have to flip and try it on the other side to even out 🙂


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