Value Pack- Yellow Encaustic Medium

I decided to list a set of 4 natural encaustic medium cakes in my shop as a value pack– for those that like to buy in bulk!  I always stock up on my art supplies so I’m sure lots of others would, too!

I love to put other people’s Etsy products in my photos to help promote one another.  All of the encaustic wax in my shop has great handmade items to accompany them!  This one features paintings by my husband, Brian Braley.  His shop is called Discarded Treasures and he focuses on using recycled materials to make great pieces of art!  His paintings are so thoughtful and full of science, math, architecture– you name it!  I love to see what he creates and this top one with the letters on it is my favorite, titled “Alphabet Soup” – I just love the colors and the layers!
More on him soon– he’ll get a feature in one of my “Artists I Admire” posts– of course!  🙂

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