Prepping Canvas

I’ve been commissioned by a dear old friend of mine to create an oil painting for her.  I’m so excited!  So I’ve stretched a new canvas and began priming it.  This picture above is of my favorite part of the prep stages– I always brush on some water to release the sizing in the canvas and watch the water bead up– I love it!  Then I brush it in really hard and get the canvas nice and taught.  Then I banged it like a drum!  What a great sound.  

I’ve applied the watered down coat of gesso already then went on a long walk to enjoy the beautiful day today in Maine.  A couple more coats of straight gesso and I’ll be ready to paint!  I’m going to blog about my progress so that she can watch it evolve 🙂

5 thoughts on “Prepping Canvas

  1. I love to “watch” art being made and would love it if I were commissioning a piece to see the progress as it rolls along so I thought it would be a treat for her :)-Jamie


  2. Hey Jamie! I love your blog and it’s always a pleasure to discuss art with you on Etsy. I’m passing on a little Art Blog Award! You can copy and paste it from my blog. Keep up the good work!-Melissa


  3. I lOVE that sound!!! Of course I would always get mine so tight that they would twist and warp and I’d have to hold the corners down with heavy books until they righted themselves…this was BC – before children when I had time to stretch my own canvases 🙂


  4. i’m so excited!! i can’t wait to watch that beautiful canvas be transformed. thank you for accepting my commission. and thank you for allowing me to watch the progress, what a wonderful opportunity. xxoo


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