Looking Closer: Talking Pictures #1

Talking Pictures #1
Oil on Canvas
6 x 6″
June 2008

Looking closer- a brief exploration of art:

When I paint, I love to keep small canvases or boards handy so that I can work out ideas on them.  This painting actually came about while I was working on a larger oil painting.  I didn’t want to throw away the old crusty and almost dried paint on my palette.  There’s just something inside me that makes it seem so wasteful and such a dent on my wallet to get rid of that paint.  So I decided to use that extra paint on a few small canvases and not have a subject in mind.  Just let the paint tell me what to do.

I loved the freedom that this allowed me and I used my palette knife, razor, fingers (gloved), and brushes to go wild.  I love the texture that evolved and the richness of the layered colors.  I’ve found that this has really helped me when I work in encaustic and that I’m applying the paint in a similar manner as with this oil painting.  

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