Work in Progress

Today I started working on 2 new paintings.  In a previous post I stated that I usually have a few pieces going on at the same time and that’s no lie!  Currently. I have 3 encaustic paintings and 1 oil painting in progress.  The oil hasn’t been touched in a while but it’s still there staring at me jealously.  The encaustics include 1 that is waiting for the final step; still unsure how to proceed and finish my thoughts on him.  

The other two are these 12 x 12 pieces.  I was printing out these images for a much larger painting and had the weirdest error with the ink.  The black decided not to work so these B&W photos wound up being printed with color ink only.  The result was sort of solarized and I thought that I could explore this further and see what I could make of it.  After all, I hate wasting paper!  I found the it opened me up to the way that I ‘m using the photographs.  I’m picking and choosing the pieces that I want much more carefully and I’m excited to get some paint on these soon!

4 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. ok…what’s going on with yellow? it’s like two days ago it was nowhere and now on every blog i visit-HELLO YELLOW! And the weird thing is it all appeared simultaneously…


  2. Don’t worry!! This one is just the wood showing (The lighting was yellow so it made the wood look more yellow). No paint on these suckers, yet– but I did have that tea one the other day with yellow! It’s going around– we all need some sunshine!


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