Hot Mess: Painting with Wax, an intro to encaustic painting tutorial

Hot Mess: Painting with Wax,  an introduction to encaustic painting PDF Tutorial 

-Want to learn encaustic painting but don’t know a darned thing about it? 
-Maybe you’re wanting to learn more before diving in and buying supplies? 
-Or perhaps you just love learning?

Then this is the tutorial for you! Learn everything you need to know about painting with beeswax! From set-up to clean-up. It couldn’t be easier.

This 6 page tutorial is written in a joyful voice that is very easy to understand with clear photographs showing you every step of the process. Includes a handy supply list with detailed information and tips on where to find the items inexpensively! This intro will walk you through buying supplies, setting up, basic encaustic painting, fusing, embedding objects, clean up, caring for your paintings, and a list of supply resources.

**What’s encaustic painting?** Encaustic painting is the use of beeswax and damar resin melted together and combined with dry pigments to create a painting medium. This paint is applied hot (not a cold paste) and manipulated with a direct heat source. This makes for a lovely layered image into which objects and photographs can be added. If you’ve seen a Jasper Johns painting then you’ve seen an encaustic painting!

I am always available & happy to answer any questions that you have about painting!

Find this and forthcoming tutorials in my Etsy Shop:

4 thoughts on “Hot Mess: Painting with Wax, an intro to encaustic painting tutorial

  1. I was wondering what you were talking about in the other post! hahahaThank you!! There’s no wool in this painting, it’s actually a board that I had scraped off a failed painting so it had some great texture underneath to begin with. This is a close-up of the “Amount of Tea I Drink in a Week, red version.”


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