Painting with wax- whatcha want to know?

I’ve been working hard on writing a tutorial about painting with wax.  I have the introductory ‘course’ written already and some other subjects like using images, embedding objects, etc.  What would you want to learn about?  If you’re experienced already or just wondering about encaustic painting…what would you want to know?

Are there specific skills that you’d like to learn?  Any questions that have been wracking your brain?  Let me know!
Post here or email me at jamieribisi{at}
I’d love to know so that I can be as thorough as possible!  I have a focus group reading my draft right now and am loving their comments!

8 thoughts on “Painting with wax- whatcha want to know?

  1. I don’t know anything about encaustic at all! How similar is it to other painting forms? I can’t paint or draw or anything to save my life =) But it looks like it’d be fun =)


  2. About the only thing I actually know about encaustics are that the binder is wax instead of oil or plastic. I would love to know how to use them, how to melt the wax properly, how to clean the brushes, what kinds of brushes to use, what kinds of surfaces are best to paint on, etc. What kinds of materials are needed (the basics) and how much do they cost?I’m excited for your tutorial! I’ve been intrigued by encaustics for a while now, and I’d love to try them someday!


  3. Drea- It’s pretty similar to oil painting but involves alot of heat! Joy can’t draw or paint either but I taught her how to paint with encaustic and she’s hooked!Mel- All of that will be in my first Introduction to Encaustic Painting tutorial 🙂 — keep an eye on my blog as I’ll be hosting giveaways for it when it’s ready!


  4. Probably silly question: While i love the look, I've wondered if it's practical for Florida. Do you have to worry about the final piece getting blooms or damage in the heat & humidity?We have AC but also black outs in the heat of summer & hurricane season.


  5. Lauren– At our last craft night we were just talking about how this would be a good medium for you! hahaha I forgot to email you about that idea! It would be SOOO perfect for your maps!artsnark- No, you don’t have to worry about it as long as it’s not in temperatures around 180 degrees. That’s the melting point of the encaustic so as long as you have it out of direct sunlight and under that temperature you’ll be ok! I haven’t know humidity to affect it, either.-Jamie


  6. Hi Jamie – This is interesting. One I did an encaustic – but that was years ago now and I am a little nervous to try again.I have bought the wax, pignaments, and some other things. I have an old waffle iron to keep wax hot and a heating gun. I got all these things about 15 years ago .. but scared to try.I did the one piece in school so they dealt with the details. … I am concerned about ventilation … I live in New England and it is freezing.That is my 2 cents worth.Thanks!!~ Diane Clancy


  7. Diane– I live in Maine so I know what you’re talking about! It helps to have a dedicated studio or space that you know you can vent well. My table is set up right in front of a window so I crank that open a bit. The smell’s actually not bad at all (I love it!) and it’s safer than oils so the ventilation isn’t a horrible issue. You can also wear a ventilator if you’re nervous about it. I’d very much recommend getting back into it! SO much fun and really worth it. I’ve never painted so much in my life! 🙂


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