Art shows, calls for art, etc

Do you submit your work to art shows?  I’ve been thinking about getting back into it.  I used to submit my work upon occassion …if I found a show that I really thought suited me.  Have you had any reasonable success with this?  I’ve done great for local shows but not for those big national and international calls that you see all over the place.  

They have so much promise but sometimes I feel like it’s just a big ploy to make someone some money really easily.  I mean, $35 to $50 to submit 3 pieces of work (or less)?  Nevertheless, I’m thinking of getting back to submitting my work but only for the shows that I feel have merit to them.  And I want to build up my portfolio a little bit more.  Most of the time, I feel like I should be making a specific piece for each show but it would be nice to have a stock to pick items from.

Do you submit your work?  What resources do you use to find calls for art?  I know about and and several others– what do you use?
Red Flower in Antique Glass Jar
Digital TTV Photograph

6 thoughts on “Art shows, calls for art, etc

  1. Thank you so much, Dale! I’ve added that to my reader :)A budget is a great idea– it can get expensive very quickly! I’m a dork and I also have a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of deadlines, materials needed, and contact info for each call 🙂


  2. you have a spreadsheet jamie? i’m a total newbie and am planning to submit entries to four shows this year with hopes of getting into at least one. i’m not sure if this will happen but it’s a step in the right direction…i’m also attending the montserrat conference and may do a fair here in chicago…we’ll see how this all plays out at the end of the year….beth


  3. Yes, I do Beth! I like to stay organized! I can email it to you if you’d like, it’s very helpful to me this way I can highlight and make notes, keep status, and everything.The Montserrat Conference looks like it’s going to be fun!! Wish I could afford it right now, I’d love to attend those workshops. Have fun!!


  4. I’ve been watching Chicago Artist Resource, but also being on the mailing list for a couple of arts centers in the region I usually get emails for juried shows in the area. I have had mixed success with juried shows, and really haven’t entered anything where I can’t hand-deliver the work. I certainly don’t sell much this way, but I figure it is a resume builder as well as a great networking opportunity in the region.


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