Color me happy

I made some more encaustic paint samples last night and am loving the enhanced colors.  I wanted to add some more vibrance to them and am so happy with the results! I have some more color lines I’m thinking of making– how can I find more hours in the day?  I think I’ve exhausted all the workable hours I can find.  But it feels good to keep busy so on I go!  If I could only figure out how to hand make time.  Hmmmm.

But back to the paint… I’ve had so many people write to me that they are looking to try encaustics and that makes me SO happy!  I assure each and every one of them that they are quickly going to become addicted.  It’s very true– ask any encaustic painter you know! Making these paint cakes is really a great time consumer of mine because, as I posted about the other day, I love to mix colors.  Would it be weird to confess that I want to kiss that blue color? Maybe it would.  If so, pretend I didn’t write that!

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