After the art has left the nest…

Today I received the most wonderful email from Samatha in Toronto.  She had purchased a watercolor painting of mine some time ago and was holding onto it until she could figure out the right home for it.  As she wrote to me, 

I finally have your piece framed and hung. I took me forever. Last spring I carried it around in my diaper bag for 3 months and went to 3 different frame shops. Then I was looking through a closet and found an old vintage frame and print and I had long ago stored away. It’s perfect! The frame has a great old-fashioned feel to it that compliments the classic style of the nude. It’s a deep brown wood with very sublte gold leafing. I have it hung in my dining room, where it looks great and has received many compliments. I bought your painting as a gift to myself shortly after the birth of my son.”

I love to hear stories of where my art goes to live after it leaves my studio and it’s very refreshing to learn that this piece has ended up in such a nice loving home where it will be cared for and enjoyed!  Thank you so much, Samantha, and thank you for letting me share your story!  Best wishes to your family!!

4 thoughts on “After the art has left the nest…

  1. that’s so cool jamie! i have talked about my paintings being like my children and sometimes i’m reluctant to send them out into the world but your post makes me think of them all happily enjoying their new digs…beth


  2. Art is a piece of your soul and it is such an exquisite feeling to have part of your ‘soul’ loved and admired in such warm regard! Your painting is beautiful and looks like it is the very perfect spot for admiration!!


  3. What a wonderful email you got!! I love it when I get to see my paintings in the buyers’ environment… what a great feeling, and she picked a really great frame, too!!


  4. That’s really cool! And what a great photo! I am hoping for an update on one of my pieces that the buyer promised to send photos of once it’s framed.


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