Mixing colors

This morning my friend asked me to make her a custom color of encaustic paint- Robin’s Egg Blue!  I love mixing custom colors and couldn’t wait to come home and give it a whirl.  I used my white encaustic medium and mixed in some ultramarine blue, titanium white, a custom yellow mix and natural encaustic medium for that slight hint of green.  I’m not sure if there’s anything I love more about painting than mixing my own colors!

I honestly spent my entire senior year of college enthralled with my palette.  I barely produced any paintings of note but I had a love affair with color and am happy that I did so!  Now I look at an object, evaluate it,  and daydream about blending the right colors to compliment what nature has created.  Hopefully I’m doing some justice to Mama Nature along the way!
Thanks, Pam, for making my day!

4 thoughts on “Mixing colors

  1. hi jamie,this looks just like my favorite blue! it’s a great color and should be much loved by the recipient…thanks for the comments on my blog!…bridgette and i are in chicago so if you ever make it to the midwest feel free to look us up!


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