Thoughts on colors and why we are drawn to them

Today I had the extreme pleasure of visiting a yurt!  We’ve been dying to get one (or twenty) for our backyard — yurts in the hayfield!  There is a clear dome window at the top which lets in the most beautiful natural light!  It would really make such a perfect studio setting; fantastic even lighting and plenty of room to spread out all my art supplies!  Oh that would simply be heaven!

Inside this yurt that I visited was a beautiful yarn shop with wonderful hand dyed yarn.  The color range was endless and the combinations exquisite!  (Read more about the visit here) This got me thinking… what colors are you naturally drawn to?

My sister and I kept picking up skeins and shouting “Isn’t this perfect?!” and then our reply would be “Oh, those are your colors, they really suit you.”  Mine are coppers, olive greens, and cranberries– and yes, I do surround myself with these colors in my art and in my life.  I am really drawn to muted jewel tones, they give me a feeling of calm and sensitivity while still being vibrant.  I think this describes my personality to a T.  I don’t look for these things, I’m just naturally drawn to them.
What are your colors and why are you drawn to them?

My husband is obsessed with yurts- that’s his drawing at the top of this post:

Three Yurts, by Brian Braley
17″ x 11″
India ink on watercolor paper

Available in my
Etsy Shop

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on colors and why we are drawn to them

  1. i too am fascinated by yurts…but a yarn shop in a yurt that’s like heaven! i’m muted….pale blues and greys… the colors of the fog rolling down the hills and spilling into the neighborhoods in san francisco…bits of color showing thru a thick cloud.


  2. I know!! The only thing better than yarn is a yurt would be art! We’ve been dreaming of making some studios in our yard with them and one day we will! They’re really affordable but we just don’t have the cash right now.I can totally see those colors for you and how the San Francisco fog would influence that! I was always amazed at the colors that the Bay Area painters were getting in their pieces– like Diebenkorn and David Park. Then I took a trip to CA and saw it in the air! It was amazing to realize how different the light was from the East Coast and seeing the direct influence in their work!


  3. very cool. I just noticed where your located. I grew up in Winthrop. My Mom is still in the area & she'd love the yarn yurt. I'll have to pass it on. My colors change. Tho a big fan of black, I tend to surround myself with blues & greens


  4. oh how I love yurts and yearn to build one!I’m drawn to greens and blues, and shades inbetween, especially teal. Lately I’ve been drawn to pink, even though I don’t like to admit to enjoying such a girly color.


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