Welcome to my new blog!

My plan for 2009 is to bring you some great art tutorials, tips & tricks, share my work in progress, finished pieces, and favorite artists & crafters!
The project I’m currently working on is a tutorial on painting with encaustic.  You can see some teaser pics here and also a sneak peek at my newest painting- a 2 for 1 peek!
Looking forward to sharing my love of art with all my friends, readers, & fellow artists!

7 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. oh man-i wanted to be your first comment! great photos on this post and i’m looking forward to checking in on what you’ve got going on creatively. i think i’m much more productive because of my blog…best of luck and i’m going to add you to my list of inspiration (ok?)beth


  2. Welcome to blogging! I’m really looking forward to seeing how you work – I saw my first encaustic painting in real life a few weeks ago, and was very intrigued!!


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